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Inductive IO-Link Sensors with Extended Switching Distance

Flexibility with generous detection range

Inductive IO-Link sensors with extended switching distance

Inductive sensors with IO-Link let you teach the switching distance flexibly and enable application-specific setup. The output signal can also be set in various ways, so that you can use the sensor, for example, as normally open or normally closed. With a switching distance of up to 11 mm, it makes detection possible where more traditional sensors fail. In addition, the sensor can output warning signals when the target leaves the detection range or comes too close to the sensor. This allows you to predict collisions and avoid them before they happen.

The IO-Link sensor also supports your condition monitoring. Using parameters such as the sensor's internal temperature or overvoltage/undervoltage detection and an operating hours counter, it is possible to draw conclusions about the operating conditions.

No IO-Link available? You can use the optional teach adapter to parameterize many functions even without IO-Link.


  • Long switching distances up to 11 mm, can be taught as needed
  • Use in IO-Link or SIO mode
  • Configurable switching output/switching logic
  • Condition monitoring functions

Inductive IO-Link sensors with extended switching distance


  • Inductive IO-Link sensors with extended switching distance

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