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Tire Industry

High process security at every step

Tire Industry

As a partner of the automobile industry for many years Balluff offers vast automation know-how for providing optimal support in your tire manufacturing. Our expertise has been gained in practical applications and is based on solid development experience. We can draw from a wide scope of sensors, systems and networking using many different technologies.

For example, we can offer you length measuring systems for precise monitoring of closing movements on vulcanizing presses, or vision and identification solutions that reliably meet and exceed the high requirements for traceability of tire components and of the end product.

With our solutions spectrum for tire manufacturing you reliably manage every production step of this complex process. And with our expertise you can simply and reliably implement an ever greater degree of automation: whether it's building the green tire or vulcanizing it at high temperatures and under high pressure. Balluff is at your side every step of the way. Contact us.

Tire Building: Ensuring high tire quality

Ensure the high quality of your tires and the smoothest of processes in tire building. To make sure these critical process steps are accomplished optimally we provide you with sensors you can use to perfectly equip your tire building machine.

For example, to exactly position your sliders our various solutions offer you a variety of options. While at the same time you enhance process security. Because you prevent downtimes and ensure continuous material provision and consistently high process speed. So that each tire blank is efficiently and correctly constructed.

Vulcanization: Precision for every single step

To ensure that the critical process of vulcanization of the green tire in the curing press runs properly, Balluff offers you optimal solutions for every single step. Each of these solutions contributes its part to process reliability.

You get the highest precision in forming the green tire under high pressure and at high temperatures: whether you use our ultrasonic sensors for detecting the tires in the press, or you are monitoring the pressure of the pneumatic lines using our pressure sensors. Or whether you are ensuring controlled closing of the presses using our magnetostrictive linear position sensors.

Intralogistics and process monitoring: Traceability Guaranteed

We use our identification solutions to accompany you reliably through the entire process chain: from delivery of the raw materials to production of the semi-finished products to tire manufacturing and beyond. Each tire can be uniquely identified and every process step traced. This uninterrupted documentation supports a reliable process and helps you meet the requirements for traceability.

Our performance range includes industrial image processing, for example, using SmartCameras, vision sensors and barcode readers. You also have access to various RFID solutions which are based on the wide spectrum of LF, HF and UHF technologies and a huge variety of data carriers, read/write heads and processor units. On this basis we are also able to handle any of your unique tasks for optimal results. Take advantage of our long years of automation expertise and contact us.


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