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Magnetic field positioning systems

Magnetic field sensors

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2 versions

The smart factory with its complex production lines demands great flexibility. But with ever changing requirements, it can be difficult to balance the necessary process and product quality.

Keeping a constant eye on the process becomes critical. This is where sensor technology plays a decisive role in pneumatics, e.g. in various pneumatic drives, compact and precise grippers, punching and screwing devices, and tool changers. The sensor technology ensures the required speed, precision and flexibility.

BMP magnetic field positioning systems give you the ability to monitor running processes reliably and wear-free. They help you stay in control of various processes and ensure simultaneous processing of workpieces while remaining energy-efficient. Their use delivers high process reliability and automation quality. And it all happens reliably, whether you need to control assembly in the automobile industry, or quickly adapt to changing formats and process parameters in the packaging industry while controlling multiple pneumatic motions at the same time.


  • Modular concept for flexibility: Covers a variety of cylinders over a stroke of up to 256 mm
  • High connectivity: Continuous monitoring of the piston position in the smallest spaces using analog voltage and current output as well as an IO-Link interface
  • Reliable results: Application-specific linearity and repeat accuracy, parameterizable
  • High process security: Low temperature drift and very good electromagnetic compatibility
  • Comprehensive transparency: With signal output via IO-Link, format changes, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance are supported with data
  • High integration: The sensors are compatible with both radially and axially aligned magnets

2 versions

Order code Principle of operation Interface

BMP 01 - Magnetic Field Positioning System

BMP 01 - Magnetic Field Positioning System
Magnetic field positioning system IO-Link 1.1
a = E: 0...10 V, factory setting
a = F: 4...20 mA, factory setting

BMP 02 - Magnetic Field Positioning System

BMP 02 - Magnetic Field Positioning System
Magnetic field positioning system IO-Link 1.1
a = A: 0...10 V