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Mounting technology

Versatile and flexible mounting solutions

Mounting technology

With our assembly systems and brackets, you can adapt the sensors and equipment to your particular task.

Simple to install and adjust, these provide an exact positioning in addition to attachment –, even under difficult conditions. Balluff mounting solutions are distinguished by high-quality materials and exact specifications.

The most important benefits

  • Flexible and versatile
  • Compatible and universal
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

Flexible mounting system

  • Rugged, for flexible application
  • With base holder, mounting rods, cross-connectors as well as versatile sensor and mounting bracket reflectors
  • Versions in anodized aluminum, chrome plated zinc, stainless steel or high-quality plastic
  • Individually configurable and adjustable
  • Installation on base plates and profiles

Mountings for Human Machine Interfaces

  • Brackets for SmartLight stack lights and SmartLight indicators as well as for displays
  • Flexible positioning and easy attachment in one
  • Simple installation and rugged design
  • Can be combined with the BMS flexible mounting system
  • Can be integrated on machine and assembly lines
  • High-quality, compact brackets, designed for Balluff devices

Mountings for Machine Vision

  • High-quality brackets and holding systems designed and tested for Balluff vision sensors, SmartCameras and lights
  • Combinable with the flexible BMS mounting system
  • Precise, stable and durable
  • Can be positioned in machine vision applications wherever needed

Mountings for RFID systems

  • Positioning and attaching with one device
  • Simple installation and rugged design
  • Various versions
  • Precise, durable and rugged
  • Designed and tested for Balluff RFID systems and components

Mountings for Safety

  • Brackets for safety sensors and devices
  • Precise positioning and secure attachment in one
  • Simple installation and rugged design
  • Designed and tested for Balluff solutions
  • Precise and durable


  • Made of stainless steel, metal or plastic
  • For M05, M08, M12, M18 and M30 sensors

Proximity sensor mounts with positive stops

  • Versions with and without fixed stop
  • Sensor replacement without readjustment
  • Also tool-free versions
  • Secure protection and precise positioning
  • Various sizes from M5 to M30 and versions in steel, stainless steel and PTFE
  • Assembly and protection combined

Prox sensor mounts without positive stops

  • easy sensor replacement
  • safe protection and precise positioning
  • flexible and robust
  • various sizes from D2 to D30 and versions in plastic, nickel-plated brass, aluminum and stainless steel
  • EHEDG certified variants available

Universal brackets

  • Can be combined with the BMS mounting system
  • For tubular (M8 to M36) and block-style, made of stainless steel, zinc plated steel, anodized aluminum or wear-free, oil-resistant plastic
  • Designed and tested for Balluff sensors
  • Precise, long-life and flexible
  • Optimal price/performance ratio

Brackets for condition monitoring sensors

  • High-quality, compact brackets, designed for Balluff condition monitoring sensors
  • Flexible positioning and ease of mounting in one accessory
  • Magnet for ease of installation
  • No mechanical preparation of the mounting surface necessary
  • Optimal heat transfer for temperature measurement