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Advancing battery manufacturing automation: achieving superior efficiency and quality

Empowering producers to meet the evolving demands of the electric vehicle market

Battery industry

The mobility revolution is in full swing and the battery plays a fundamental role in this transformation, whether for a pure electric, hybrid or fuel cell vehicle. Throughout the production of individual battery cells, modules and packs, machine and plant automation is important for scalable, efficient and reliable manufacturing.

Therefore Balluff supports you in automating your battery production processes from electrode manufacturing to battery pack assembly. We‘re your single source partner: Our portfolio includes a comprehensive range of future-proof solutions, covering sensors, machine vision, networking and RFID systems.

Electrode production and cell assembly: Quality assurance from the start

In addition to the mixing of slurry, electrode production and cell assembly also include coating, drying, calendering, stacking, winding, welding and electrolyte filling. In all such production steps, different parameters and quality charactaristics must reliably be maintained. These include, for example, a certain coating thickness, electrode cleanliness and the correct positioning during stacking.

We support you in meeting these high requirements with a broad range of optical sensors in roll-to-roll processes. Furthermore, our positioning systems control the movements of your calender rolls for optimum pressure and traceability solutions enable the identifcation of the electrode coils.

Module and pack assembly: Traceability and flexibility in all steps

After the final process steps of cell production have been completed, the battery cells are assembled into modules and finally battery packs. This is done in highly automated production lines.

With our vision offer you monitor all steps in the assembly process. Code reading, for example, ensures that the right cells are assembled. Our IO-Link portfolio enables automated, connected and modular assembly architectures. At the same time, our RFID products provide seamless identification of your modules and packs.


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