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Detect end and intermediate positions with ease

Comprehensive portfolio of mini sensors for ideal solutions

Detect end-of-travel and reference positions

For detecting end and reference positions, binary sensors ensure you of reliably simple position detection. With their compact sizes and low weight, our miniature series stands out from the many other options with its minimal space requirements and compatibility with moving actuators and slides. They are ideal, for example on grippers, gantry loaders or in pick-and-place applications, where every ounce of weight saved increases the energy efficiency of the system.

Whether directly in the drive or on various shafts of a packaging machine, rotational speeds are detected everywhere in machine and systems building. To measure rotational speeds and detect rotational direction and stops, we provide you with an optimal solution to meet your requirements. For simple checking you can often get by with one, but for simultaneous rotation direction sensing, two inductive standard sensors are needed.

For demanding use at higher speeds or precise speed determination, our angle measurement systems with magnetically-encoded rings are an optimal choice.

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