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Inductive position sensors

Inductive sensors

Available in:

4 Series

Our inductive positioning systems are the ideal solution for tight installation conditions: Perfectly integrable and with maximum precision, the inductive position measurement of metallic objects is also contactless and therefore wear-free. The inductive position sensors reliably detect linear measuring paths via a simple target. A basic machine component, like a rotary disk, can serve as this target. Depending on the version, the measured values are transmitted via IO-Link or as an analog output signal.

The primary field of application for the inductive position sensors is in monitoring drive spindles and clamping devices, where they guarantee an error-free clamping process. Moreover, the positioning system can be utilized in mechanical engineering for a wide range of other applications involving linear movements, such as detecting punching depths, positions of grippers, rollers, valves, etc. The high reproducibility ensures optimum process quality.

Special features of our inductive position sensors

  • Measurement ranges adjustable from 0-133 mm
  • No mechanical adjustment necessary
  • Non-contacting and thus free from wear
  • High level of reproducibility and precise positioning
  • Analog and digital interfaces

4 Series

Series Range/measuring range Interface Connection type


Signal transmission via analog output signals 1...10 V (easy handling)
40 mm Analog, voltage Cable, Cable with connector, Connector


Signal transmission via analog output signals 4...20 mA (high EMC immunity)
40 mm Analog, current Cable, Connector


Signal transmission using analog output signals 1...10 V / 4...20 mA
133 mm Analog, voltage, Analog, current Connector


Signal transmission via IO-Link
133 mm IO-Link Cable, Cable with connector, Connector

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