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A handheld reader for HF applications (13.56 MHz) is made up of three components: A basic device with an HF add-on module combined with an RFID read/write head.

Due to the modular design, different read/write heads from the Balluff RFID portfolio can be combined with the basic device. Benefit from the same reading performance as in stationary applications. Freely select the appropriate read/write head in the desired design and size according to your requirements.


  • For a handheld reader for HF applications (13.56 MHz), select a base unit, the HF (Balluff BIS M) add-on module and a read/write head.
  • Choose between read/write heads with industry standard ISO15693 and ISO14443
  • Flexible size selection: M30, M18 and M12 or special sizes

1 versions

Order code Price Order Code Dimension Supported RFID technologies Ambient temperature


BIS M-830-4-011-A
549.36 GBP BIS01HC 82 x 39 x 83 mm LF 125 kHz (BIS VL), HF 13.56 MHz (BIS VM) -10...60 °C

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