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Capacitive sensors

Reliably detect objects and fill levels

Capacitive sensors

Capacitive sensors detect objects and the fill level of all non-conducting materials, liquids, pellets, and powders directly or through a container wall.

The patented Smart Level technology of the sensors compensates for moisture, foam and adhesion of all sorts – even through glass and plastic walls up to 10 mm thick. This makes the sensors ideal as fill level sensors for conductive media. And guarantee you high application security.

Our sensors are available in diverse designs, even especially small ones. As adhesive sensors, they fit flexibly to the housing shape and are easily removable.

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To the application

Capacitive proximity switches for object detection

  • Capacitive proximity switches in plastic and stainless steel versions
  • For detecting media with a low dielectric constant over long distances
  • In compact designs from Ø 6.5 mm and flat designs, such as disk configurations, with switching distances of up to 25 mm
  • Flush mountable and adjustable via potentiometer or cable
  • IO-Link available

Capacitive level sensors without media contact

  • Capacitive level measurement of plastic granulate, grain, feed and wood pellets, oils, aqueous liquids, acids, alkalis, conductive powder, bulk solids, etc.
  • Large selection of configurations and housing materials as well as cost-effective versions
  • Easy adjustment and setup, also via IO-Link
  • Patented Smart Level technology compensates for adhesion, moisture, and foam

Capacitive sensor heads for amplifiers

  • Capacitive sensor heads made of PTFE material and in stainless steel housings for very extreme temperatures, the highest pressures, and tight spaces
  • Operation via a separate remote amplifier, optionally with switching signal – analog or with IO-Link
  • Quick, easy, and cost-effective installation
  • Environment-resistant and robust variants available

Amplifiers for capacitive sensor heads

  • For easy setup and evaluation of almost all capacitive sensor heads from Balluff
  • With comfort or IO-Link evaluation unit for top-hat rail mounting
  • Adjustment possible beyond critical environment conditions
  • Compact configurations and various functional modes

Capacitive sensors with special properties and remote electronics

  • Capacitive sensors with stainless steel, plastic, or PTFE housing
  • High temperature resistant up to 250 °C, pressure rated of up to 6 bar at 180 °C, and high pressure-rated for up to 150 bar
  • Sensor heads for use with separate amplifier, IO-Link capable
  • Self-adhering variants for easy and flexible attachment

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