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Stationary optical ID sensors

Optical Identification

Available in:

5 versions

Stationary ID Sensors from Balluff read barcodes, 2D codes and DMC codes precisely and reliably. They are permanently installed in the plant and, thanks to simple operation, ensure that codes are detected particularly quickly during ongoing production. Their standardized automation and IT interfaces ensure that the information read out is passed on to the PLC or IT systems. In addition, some variants have a Profinet or IO-Link interface and offer you additional condition monitoring information, e.g. on vibrations or code quality. All in all, they are a unique multi-talent within optical identification.


  • Reliable code reading with very simple operation
  • Alternative, modern data interfaces: MQTT and REST API
  • Consistent communication thanks to standardized automation and IT interfaces
  • ID sensors are part of the SAMS (Smart Automation and Monitoring System) from Balluff
  • ID sensors with Profinet or IO-Link interface provide additional condition monitoring information (vibration, temperature, code quality and operating time)

5 versions

Order code Price Order Code Light emitter illumination Range Interface


BVS ID-M1280BF1-L3-000
12884.03 HKD BVS0060 LED white, LED red 50...600 mm IO-Link 1.1;TCP/UDP;IIoT (Gigabit Ethernet)


BVS ID-M1280CF1-L3-000
12884.03 HKD BVS0061 LED white, LED infrared 50...600 mm IO-Link 1.1;TCP/UDP;IIoT (Gigabit Ethernet)


BVS ID-M1280BF1-MB-000
15226.58 HKD BVS0063 LED white, LED red 50...600 mm Profinet;TCP/UDP;IIoT (Gigabit Ethernet)


BVS ID-M1280CF1-MB-000
15226.58 HKD BVS0064 LED white, LED infrared 50...600 mm Profinet;TCP/UDP;IIoT (Gigabit Ethernet)


BVS ID-M0752RX0-15-000
5036.48 HKD BVS01A0 LED red 50...300 mm USB

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