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BIS C Industrial RFID System

Reliable information stream for manufacturing

BIS C Industrial RFID System

Especially high-performing and flexible are the BIS C low-frequency RFID systems with the reliable tool identification in coolant- and lubricant-enriched machining centers. An exact positioning is not always necessary. Many data carriers can also be dynamically read and described "in passing".

LF (70/455 kHz) is the first choice for the tool identification over short ranges. Other areas of use are tool transport with conveyor systems, FTS and pallet transport systems and the assembly technology and organization of supplies.

Key benefits

  • Great diversity of variants of data carriers and read/write heads for very diverse applications and difficult conditions of use
  • Wear-free, maintenance-free and insensitive to dirt
  • High interference resistance and secure data transfer via special testing software in the processor units available to all globally standard bus systems
  • Memory capacity up to 8 kbytes

LF data carriers (70/455 kHz)

  • Variety of special data carriers for nearly all areas of industry
  • Robust, industrial-grade weather and temperature-resistant RFID data carriers
  • EEPROM data carriers with 511, 1023, 2047 byte memory capacity
  • FRAM data carriers with 8 kB for practically unlimited read/write cycles
  • Installation options: Glue-on or screws
  • 10 mm tool-ID BIS C-122 data carrier: The classic used a million times is a global standard
  • Corner data carrier with double coils avoids pallet rotations in pallet identification
  • Code carrier programming to customer specification

LF read/write heads/antennas (70/455kHz)

  • Special tool ID read/write heads in Ø 14.5 mm or M16 for flush installation in metal
  • Cable available in 1 m, 5 m and 10 m
  • To ensure functionality, cable cannot be trimmed
  • BCC0FCK connection cable required for connection to the BIS V processor unit
  • Individual customer designs possible

LF data couplers (70/455 kHz)

  • Data couplers work like an extension cable
  • Maintenance-free transmission without mechanical wear
  • Fast and secure signal transmission
  • Various cable lengths: 1 m, 2 m and 5 m
  • Easy wiring of rotary index tables, interchangeable punch heads, etc.
  • Increased function queries, even in previously inaccessible places

LF processor units (70/455 kHz)

  • Perfect EMC due to the robust zinc die-cast housing
  • All connections are easily accessible from the front
  • Variable mounting concept for easy assembly on top hat rails or on the profile
  • LCD display and pushbuttons for simple commissioning
  • Each read/write head signals its operating state via two LEDs directly on the processor unit
  • Integrated IO-Link master port for the connection of IO-Link-capable sensors and actuators
  • Web server for convenient remote condition monitoring
  • Function components of many common controller manufacturers for fast use
  • Integrated 2-port Ethernet switch for line and ring topology
  • Small and compact (172 × 48 × 62 mm)
  • USB interface for rapid commissioning without bus link
  • BIS Cockpit: Read/write head configurable independent of interface with PC-based software tool
  • Power supply via robust 7/8" plug for harsh industrial environments

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