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Joining technology for all sectors of industry

Flexible and reliable - for us, these are essential characteristics of good connection technology. At Balluff, you get everything from a single source: sensors, systems and network technology as well as suitable connectors and connection cables for a wide range of requirements and optimal use in your industry. With our diverse, flexible and reliable connection technology, we support you with rapid integration and ensure quick and easy commissioning of your machines and systems. In our product range you will find various connection cables, distributors and connectors for reliable sealing as well as signal and data transmission. The connections are used in both mobile and robust applications in all areas of industry.

Single-ended cordsets

  • Large selection for every industry
  • Various cable types, various plug connectors
  • Robust and industrial grade

Double-ended cordsets

  • The right connection for your special application
  • Various cable types, various plug connectors
  • Reliably transmit signals, data and power
  • Robust and industrial grade

Bulk cables

  • Proven quality of our assembled lines
  • Various materials and cross-sections available
  • Robust and industrial grade
  • Line length freely adaptable


  • Connecting different lines
  • Various designs
  • Reliable and rapid connection
  • High dust and water protection


  • Robust and industrial grade
  • Resistant to shocks and vibration
  • Protection type IP67, optional IP68
  • High-quality materials
  • Bright LEDs
  • Flexibly applicable – various wirings, variants without, with one or with two mounting holes

Field attachables

  • Large selection for every industry
  • Various designs
  • Various housing materials
  • Secure transmission of signals, data and power
  • Robust and industrial grade


  • High dust and water protection
  • Extensive product range with various designs
  • For reliable, fast connecting
  • Robust and industrial grade
  • High-quality materials


  • With socket and plug
  • Robust metal designs
  • Resistant to shocks and vibration
  • Protection class IP67
  • Different strand lengths available


  • Robust, industrial grade
  • For reliable, fast connecting
  • Additional flexibility

Terminating resistors

  • Robust, immune to faults
  • Resistant to shocks and vibration
  • Industrial grade
  • IP67, optionally IP68
  • Suitable for all standard commercially available field bus systems
  • Supports high manufacturing quality

Junction blocks

  • Easy connections
  • Low space requirements
  • Resistant to vibrations and shock
  • Robust and industrial grade
  • Media-resistant thanks to metal screw inserts
  • Flexible mounting options
  • High fitting precision of the plug connectors thanks to metal screw inserts

Reliable connection technology as a solid foundation for your machines and plants

Machines and systems are only as reliable as their weakest link. This also applies in particular to connection technology. To ensure your productivity, Balluff also places very high value on quality and precision here. A standard you can rely on.

Connections of electrical components

We offer a comprehensive range of connections for almost all networks in all areas of automation. With a wide range of materials for application-specific connection of various components around the globe.

Industrial use even under extreme application conditions cannot harm our connection technology. Versions with Ecolab approval or with protection class IP69K are particularly suitable for sensitive areas such as the food industry. Connectors and connecting cables from Balluff are available for high temperatures up to 180 °C as well as for low temperatures down to -40 °C.

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