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Complete solutions for condition monitoring on machines and plants

Condition monitoring systems with their components contribute to the efficient and trouble-free operation of machines and plants in industry. Disruptions in the production process due to unplanned downtimes can be prevented through the use of sensors. At Balluff you will find complete solutions consisting of data acquisition, data processing, visualization and evaluation. The focus is on quick and easy installation, especially in existing plants.

Condition Monitoring Toolkit

  • integrated retrofit solution for machine and process monitoring
  • High flexibility due to the connection of up to four arbitrary IO-Link sensors
  • Commissioning of the system with plug-and-play, visualization of the data
  • Output of warning messages when adjustable limit values are exceeded
  • self-sufficient system with data storage - independent of cloud and machine control system
  • Remote monitoring from any location through network integration

Smart Reordering System

  • System for digital control of the material flow
  • Easy, cost-effective, and flexible to set up thanks to battery-operated wireless sensors and cloud software
  • Automatic monitoring of inventory by optical sensor
  • Direct replenishment notification in the cloud application and by e-mail if the fill level falls below a critical level
  • Analytic features offer the possibility of inventory reduction
  • Connection to ERP and warehouse management systems

Guided Changeover Solution

  • Increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • short changeover and ramp-up times
  • fast training of new employees
  • error prevention and minimization of rejects
  • continuous monitoring of changeover points

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