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Diffuse sensor with background suppression

Photoelectric sensors

Available in:

130 versions

Our diffuse sensors with background suppression detect objects within a set switching distance, without being affected by reflective backgrounds. Object and background can be differentiated very definitively, especially as these diffuse sensors are characterized by their low gray value shift and hysteresis.

Since the transmitter and receiver are housed together in a single unit to save space, you can easily mount our diffuse sensors and align them quickly. In addition, the highly visible light beam with the versions available in red light, blue light and lasers make it easier for you to do this. With IO-Link, teach-in or via potentiometer, you can easily adjust many sensor versions. Versions with fixed switching distance are also available.


  • Reliable object detection with various operating ranges, as well as independent of surface, color, and material
  • Detects objects against very similar backgrounds – even if they are very dark against a bright background
  • Almost constant scanning range even with different reflectance
  • Only one electrical device without reflectors or separate receivers
  • With red light or the laser red light that is ideally suited for detecting small parts
  • Variants with blue light for perfect detection of hard-to-see objects