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Use quick closing check valves

Use quick closing check valves

Quick acting control valves are subject to the highest requirements that often can only be met by a redundant system. Our BTL 7 magnetostrictive linear position sensor incorporates up to three independent measurement sections and three independent electronic systems in one rod. The robust, contact-free and absolute position measurement system is freely configurable. And: thanks to its compact dimensions, it can easily replace already installed, non-redundant position measuring systems.

Startpoints and endpoints can be set comfortably with a computer. And parameter sets are easy to apply, making startup fast and uncomplicated.

The features

  • 2 or 3 completely separate systems in one housing for maximum availability
  • With a measuring range of up to 7620 mm, it is also suitable for large valves
  • Compact, space-saving housing
  • Fast startup
  • Non-contact and wear-free
  • Monitoring of all channels via LEDs


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