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IO-Link Starts with #Balluff

What is IO-Link?

A new, simple, field-bus independent and open standard communications interface.

Serial bi-directional point-to-point connection. This is Not a new bus system!

Seamlessly “Add-onto” the the binary signal interface. It can transmit I/O data via a serial protocol.

Cabling that is 100% compatible with existing technology.Utilizes existing field-bus communications platform.

Why Balluff IO-Link?

  • Our IO-Link is suitable for communication in various fields, and is compatible with all working principles, so that these advantages of IO-Link can improve an entire working system.

  • With a long-term membership in the IO-Link Community, we are pioneers of IO-Link technology. We endeavour to explore more possibilities in IO-Link technology and promote it worldwide.

  • Reduces costs by 15% to 20%
  • Enables VISIBILITY down to the sensor/device
  • Reduces terminations and eliminates signal delays
  • ​SIMPLIFIES trouble shooting and enhances diagnostics
  • Provides condition monitoring and unplanned downtime
  • ​ELIMINATES manual configuration of devices, sensors and analog wiring
  • Easy Installation
  • Maximises machine availability
  • Balluff’s IO-Link maximises 496 IO nodes
  • Make retrofits easier

IO-Link Product Overview

Balluff's extensive IO-Link portfolio includes numerous sensors and actuators as well as an unrivaled range of networking and connectivity technology.

IO-Link Applications

Balluff's extensive IO-Link applications includes numerous sensors and actuators as well as an unrivaled range of networking and connectivity technology.

Your benefits at a glance


  • Cable installation: 3-wire non-shielded standard cable, IO-Link port, 24 V digital signal

  • Cable track application: less and thinner cable, higher cable life expectancy, less weight / high dynamics

  • Networking: fewer network nodes, sensor connected via low-cost hub to node, overall cost reduction


  • Convenient and free: Data is stored and managed from a central position by a remote control system.

  • Minimize machine downtime: Automatically transfers parameter sets to the new device

  • Easy, effective, and fewer mistakes: Multiple parameter sets need to be created just ONCE, effectively


  • Full range of diagnostics without additional wiring effort

  • Status-based and need-based maintenance possible

  • Monitoring of communication and diagnostics indicate device availability

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