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RFID Handhelds

RFID Handhelds

RFID handhelds are the optimal companion to stationary readers for flexible and mobile data acquisition at different frequencies. With them, manual processes can conveniently be completed, such as performing rework, recording quality checks, and documenting service and maintenance work. This makes the portable handheld readers particularly suitable for applications in the areas of manufacturing logistics and service, inventory and inventory management, and warehouse management and distribution.

One device, many applications: You can use our basic devices with various accessories to cover all needed frequency ranges. This saves money and increases flexibility. The basic devices are also available in different versions. In addition to RFID functionality, they can also read visual codes, depending on the selected basic device.


  • Portable handheld reader for RFID applications of all frequencies
  • For mobile reading and processing of data carrier contents
  • Hardware can be combined individually and modularly, depending on identification task
  • Optional accessory for processing visual 1D & 2D codes
  • Large display for optimal visualization and ease of use
  • User-friendly apps for LF, HF and UHF with a wide range of functions

RFID-Handhelds Base Devices

  • Frequency-independent mobile handheld Mobile BIS V reader
  • Modular design for individual hardware combinations for Balluff's BIS M, BIS C, BIS L and BIS U RFID series
  • 5" touch screen for optimal visualization of data carrier contents
  • Android operating system: Android™ Industrial+
  • Available interfaces: WLAN, Bluetooth
  • User-friendly apps for LF, HF and UHF with a wide range of functions
  • Option to read visual 1D/2D available

RFID-Handhelds HF accessories

  • For a handheld reader for HF applications (13.56 MHz), select a base unit, the HF (Balluff BIS M) add-on module and a read/write head.
  • Choose between read/write heads with industry standard ISO15693 and ISO14443
  • Flexible size selection: M30, M18 and M12 or special sizes

RFID-Handhelds LF accessories

  • For a handheld reader for LF applications (70/455 kHz), select a base unit, the LF add-on module and an LF (Balluff BIS C) read/write head.
  • Select a suitable size depending on the data carrier used: M30, M18 and M12 or special sizes

RFID-Handhelds UHF Accessories

  • Choose a base unit combined with a UHF read/write module for a handheld reader for UHF applications (860...960 MHz)
  • Components comply with global standards ISO 18000-6C and EPC Gen2 Class1
  • Variants for frequency ranges EU (865 - 868 MHz) and US (902 - 928 MHz)

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