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Profisafe over IO-Link

Safety I/O modules

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1 versions

The secure Profisafe I/O module is the first to combine automation and safety technology via IO-Link. All you need is an IO-Link master to make a secure connection. Since the system is open all the way to the sensor level, you can connect nearly any safety device.

By combining the automation and safety technology, machine protection in one system is accomplished. This is because IO-Link supplies both sensor/actuator details and secure information. With Safety over IO-Link, you get the best of both worlds. And the integration of safety technology is more easily configured than ever before.

Parameterization is done centrally via the controller, while information relevant to safety is transmitted directly via the master to the controller. The use of Profisafe via Profinet ensures secure communication with the controller.


  • Infrastructure for automation and safety technology up to PLe / SIL3 via IO-Link
  • Low maintenance costs in case of service due to comprehensive diagnostics and easy device replacement
  • Lower costs by using standard M12 single-ended cordsets
  • Reduction of the required IP addresses
  • Standardized wiring concept so reliable guard locking devices can be connected directly
  • Nearly any safety device can be connected

1 versions

Order code Price Interface Number of safe inputs Number of safe outputs Connection slots Performance Level SIL (IEC 61508)


BNI IOF-329-P02-Z038
1196.48 SGD PROFIsafe over IO-Link 1.1 12 2 2x M12x1-Female, 8-pin, A-coded
6x M12x1-Female, 5-pin, A-coded
e 3

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