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Machine safety in the industry

The safe operation of machines and systems is elementary for employee protection, safeguarding productivity as well as liability security. To ensure both the safe operation of your machines and systems and to meet the safety requirements for machines and systems in industry, Balluff offers a comprehensive portfolio and solutions for your safety. This enables you to meet and reliably comply with the requirements of ISO 13849-1 Functional Safety as the standard for the safety verification according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

With the installation of protective devices on machines and systems, important machine safety measures are already implemented in accordance with the Machinery Directive. From guard locking devices, safety sensors to control devices such as emergency stop and optoelectronic protective devices to safe I/O modules, Balluff enables you to create unique safety concepts for your company that provide a high level of safety up to the highest safety level PL e (Performance Level e according to ISO 13849-1:2006).

Human-machine collaboration: machine safety fundamental to industry

The increasing, often seamless collaboration between people and machines in almost all areas of industry makes machine safety an increasingly important core element. This applies to new plants and machines as well as to existing ones - keyword retrofit. For example, retrofits for older presses ensure that they, too, comply with the Machinery Directive in order to protect employees and reliably ensure their productivity.

Safety concept for automation in your company

Automation needs safety and reliability. Balluff quality guarantees you special reliability and safety - with a wide range of solutions for your machines and systems. Our safety sensor technology in combination with safe control technology enables innovative concepts for your machine safety. For automation, the safety concept includes an ever-increasing number of products and components that help minimize danger to people and machines and process information safely. These components can be easily integrated into the system control of the machines for machine safety.

Safety over IO-Link: Automation and safety as an efficient overall system

Safety over IO-Link enables you to meet the requirements of functional safety 13849-1 with IO-Link. The basis is the universal interface IO-Link: A safety protocol is modulated onto a three-wire cable and enables communication and information exchange between the safe I/O module and the IO-Link master. In this way, safety signals can be transmitted without any problems and the essential IO-Link advantages can be enjoyed.

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