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3D Machine Vision

3D Machine Vision easy and flexible to use

3D Machine Vision

Our 3D cameras are ideal for stationary and mobile robotic applications and offer high application flexibility. Whether high-resolution, for harsh environments or with application-specific, integrated software modules, our 3D portfolio offers the right answer for every requirement.

Data quality at the highest level

The high-resolution 3D stereo camera impresses with its unique depth image quality and is therefore suitable for use with a particularly large working area, as well as for bin picking small objects from load carriers. Adjustable lenses on the cameras and on the projector allow the 3D stereo camera to be optimally adapted to the desired working area. The GigE Vision interface brings high flexibility in the software application.

Software modules for specific applications

The smart 3D camera family is equipped with a comprehensive onboard software package. This enables efficient and reliable object detection, indoor navigation and gripping planning. To optimize the use for specific application scenarios, optional software modules can be used, such as BoxPick and ItemPick.

Alternatively, the GigE Vision interface can be used for customer-specific software applications.

Smart 3D Camera

  • Smart 3D camera for robotic applications
  • Easy operation through user-friendly, web-based user interface
  • High flexibility through optional software modules and GigE Vision interface
  • Low system costs because of on-board processing and smart, application-specific software modules

3D Stereo Camera

  • 3D stereo camera for industrial 3D applications
  • High flexibility in application thanks to GigE Vision interface
  • Performs even in harsh environments thanks to IP54 protected housing
  • Enables highly accurate 3D image processing thanks to 12 MPix resolution of 3D data and 2D images
  • Optimally adaptable to your workspace thanks to adjustable lenses on cameras and projector


A module for robotic pick-and-drop applications that use suction pads.


A module for robotic de/palletizing or package sorting.


A module for quick recognition of QR codes and AprilTags.


Allows the 3D camera to create a map of the environment while estimating the actual location.


Enables the robot system to reliably detect, locate and grasp objects in sorted load carriers.


Detects position and orientation of comparatively flat objects on planar surfaces.

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