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Industrial Networking

Industrial communication and network technology: Networks with IO-Link optimise the exchange of information

To reliably control and monitor your machines and systems, you need professional industrial communication and network technology. The requirements for industrial networks are extensive and diverse. The ever-increasing volume of data and complex communication require powerful and reliable components that are capable of transporting information across all levels.

This is especially true when high protection classes, robustness, use at high temperatures or special interfaces and connections for the greatest possible safety are required.

The intelligent combination of powerful industrial networks with the IO-Link communication standard enables the reliable and flexible exchange of information in a wide range of applications.

Balluff thus enables you to optimally network your network components and provides an important building block for the industrial automation of your company.

Components of industrial communication

Balluff offers you comprehensive components for industrial communication and network technology. Whether you need reliable signal transmission under extreme conditions in industry or you want to record, store, evaluate and transmit various parameters - Balluff makes industrial communication in industry possible for you. The right combination of machine, network and IO-Link (wired and wireless) makes any automation process easier for you and ensures the monitoring of production in your company - in any industry.