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Environmental protection

Our environmental protection: Our actions are holistic and sustainable.

Environmental protection

Responsibility is the fundamental attitude of Balluff as a company. Our motto reflects this: We think and act today with tomorrow in mind. This is something we consistently implement – from the largest production facility to the smallest sales subsidiary.

Environmental protection is big priority for Balluff, all the way up to the management board. Backing by our managing directors is an important prerequisite for all, especially when encompassing environmental matters. It is important for us to focus on the needs of everyone concerned - customers, employees, cities and towns.

Treating the environment with respect and working in a manner that conserves resources is quite natural for us. We continuously monitor our environmental performance, identify areas for improvement and derive appropriate actions. At Balluff resources are efficiently procured and used, with energy and water consumption as well as emissions regularly analyzed and minimized in the company. We observe environmentally correct regulations and requirements and often even exceed them.

Building technology for example is continually improved in our plants: At our facility in Brazil, the climate control system in the production floor has been replaced by a new, more efficient system, and air conditioning solutions for individual rooms are also employed to save energy. By optimizing the air conditioning system, modifying the heating technology, utilizing an intelligent controller for the building technology and converting some areas at our locations in Neuhausen, Veszprém and Chengdu to LED lighting we have significantly reduced our energy consumption. Our new building in Chengdu is even completely lighted using LED technology. To reduce our CO2 emissions we use regenerative energies: In Neuhausen a photovoltaic system is installed and in Veszprém a thermal solar power system.

For shipments between our plants in Neuhausen and Chengdu we use returnable packaging. Delivered packaging materials as well as one-way packaging are consistently reused and when needed we can also optimize the carton sizes. In this way avoid wasting filler material and contribute to conservation of resources.

We are also constantly working on new solutions for environmentally responsible mobility: In Neuhausen a charging station for electric cars was installed in 2015, and some employees have taken it upon themselves to form carpools. Our employees at the plants in Veszprém and Chengdu are provided with a shuttle bus. In addition we promote environmentally friendly behavior of our personnel: Employees whose company leased vehicles emit less than 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer are given a higher allowance on the leasing rate. And to even eliminate some trips completely we are increasingly using video conferences for internal meetings.

To ensure consistent environmentally friendly and health-aware behavior in the company we sensitize and motivate our employees regularly and use their input as part of our idea management. In this way each employee takes responsibility for the environment and dedicates him-/herself to its protection. The majority of all Balluff employees are already working at a facility having an ISO 14001 certified environment management system. We are striving to increase this number further. Regardless of whether the facilities are certified or not we are committed to achieving annual environmental protection goals. Our environmental policy has many ambitious goals: The focus of Balluff is on establishing ecological sustainability as a constant worldwide. We take into consideration the complete life cycle of our products from development to disposal under ecological considerations.

Many of our sensors are also working in the service of the environment: Numerous Balluff products are used in the field of renewable energies, where they help to increase efficiency or contribute to system security. With our long-lived products we support our customers in growing their enterprise in ways that conserve resources.

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