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Cylindrical magnetic field sensors

Magnetic field sensors

Available in:

4 Series

Cylindrical magnetic field sensors offer you reliable and wear-free position detection. They are insensitive to vibration and sense through non-ferrous metal and aluminum walls without reducing the switching distance. They also allow a much greater switching distance than inductive sensors of the same size. And they can be flush mounted in steel.

Special features

  • Small, extremely compact designs and very high switching distances
  • Sensors with a diameter of 6.5 mm can detect a position up to 90 mm away
  • Suitable for industrial use and insensitive to dirt
  • Detects positions even through containers or pipes
  • Detection of magnets with different polarization is also possible

4 Series

Series Housing material primary Dimension Switching output Connection type Ambient temperature max. IP rating

S-BMF 07

For small installation spaces
Brass Ø 6.5 x 30.5 mm, Ø 6.5 x 30 mm NPN, PNP Cable, Cable with connector 85 °C IP67

S-BMF 08

The standard with different housing materials
1.4404 stainless steel, Brass Ø 8 x 30.5 mm, Ø 8 x 32 mm NPN, PNP Cable 85 °C IP67

S-BMF 10

For extreme temperatures and applications in the hygiene sector
1.4571 stainless steel Ø 10 x 32 mm PNP Connector 85 °C IP69K

S-BMF 12

With M12 connectors and different housing materials
Brass Ø 12 x 50 mm NPN, PNP Connector 85 °C IP67

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