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Network modules with multiprotocol

Network blocks

Available in:

2 versions

Our network modules with multiprotocol support most established industrial Ethernet protocols in one device - for example Profinet or EtherNet/IP. This significantly reduces the number of components required and thus the costs incurred. In addition, with these network modules you are also prepared for the future, because the devices also support IoT interfaces such as MQTT.

With the user-friendly web interface, you set up the devices conveniently and easily. In addition, your applications are reliably monitored and process and device information is transmitted from IO-Link devices to higher-level systems.

The special features

  • environmentally friendly: IP67 plastic housing without potting
  • multi-protocol: several industrial Ethernet protocols in one device
  • easy and cost-saving installation and maintenance due to, for example, optimal diagnostics
  • IIoT-capable: Support for REST API and MQTT
  • user-friendly and secure thanks to integrated Web UI with HTTPS communication


2 Results

Order code Price Interface Digital inputs Digital outputs Auxiliary interfaces


BNI XG1-505-0A5-K083
349 EUR Profinet / EtherNet/IP 16x PNP, Type 3 8x PNP 8x IO-Link


BNI XG1-505-0A5-K084
362 EUR Profinet / EtherNet/IP 16x PNP, Type 3 8x PNP 8x IO-Link

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