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BIS U Industrial RFID system

For dynamic processes with large reading distances

BIS U Industrial RFID system

UHF systems of Balluff ensure data transparency and traceability in automation processes. UHF is a standard technology for identification solutions covering all processes.

The form helps to achieve a fast detection of tag information and continuous transmission safety. By querying decentralized-storage product- and process-data, UHF is a central component of traceability applications in each phase of the material flow. Therefore, a continuous data transparency is ensured in the entire supply chain.

Key benefits

  • Problem-free integration in applications via globally used standard interfaces
  • Corresponds to the global standard ISO 18000-6C and EPC Gen2 Class1
  • Flexible use thanks to a diverse range of possibilities for combining data carriers and antennas
  • Ranges up to 6 m and more
  • Bunching capability enables simultaneous detection of many data carriers (tags)
  • Suitable for attachment to classical control systems via bus interfaces and higher level IT systems
  • Complete tailored system solutions realizable
  • A variety of accessories for an easy integration available in different applications

UHF data carriers (860...960 MHz)

  • Our broad product portfolio offers countless application possibilities with the many different dimensions and designs.
  • All data carriers have a unique, unalterable identification number (TID) and an individually programmable EPC (Electronic Product Code)
  • Global standards ISO 18000-6C or EPC Gen2 Class1
  • Freely writable user memory range up to 112 bytes
  • Some data carrier variants with additional password protection
  • Assembly options: adhesive or screws
  • Variants for direct mounting on metal available
  • Very cost-effective, self-adhesive "Smart Labels" available for one-time applications (remain on the product)
  • Wide range of data carriers to meet the requirements of many different industrial applications
  • Optimum harmonization with the reading system
  • Low-cost tags make mass applications economically feasible
  • Special silicone-free data carriers for the automobile industry
  • Special temperature-resistant tags up to 220°C
  • Customer-specific custom-tailored variants possible

UHF read/write heads and antennas (860...960 MHz)

  • Versions for frequency ranges EU (865- 868 MHz) and US (902- 928 MHz)
  • Rugged housings up to IP67 ensure reliable use in harsh environments
  • Status indicators directly on the read/write head for easy commissioning and minimal downtimes
  • Auto-Set-Up function for commissioning and configuring the read/write head in seconds
  • Connection via coaxial cable (up to 10 m) or M12 plug connector with cable length up to 50 m
  • Circular polarization for large data carriers. Detection independent of position
  • Read ranges up to 6 m and more possible
  • Read/write head and antennas mountable directly on metal
  • Up to four read/write heads can be connected to the BIS V processor units
  • Up to four antennas can be connected to the BIS U-602x processor units

UHF processor units (860...960 MHz)

  • BIS U-602x as a powerful long-range alternative for ranges up to 6 m and more
  • Perfect EMC due to the rugged zinc die-cast housing
  • All connections are easily accessible from the front
  • LCD display and pushbuttons for simple commissioning
  • Each read/write head signals its operating state via two LEDs directly on the processor unit
  • Different BIS U versions certified for country-specific use
  • Integrated IO-Link master port for the connection of IO-Link-capable sensors and actuators
  • Web server for convenient remote condition monitoring
  • Function blocks from many different controller manufacturers mean quick start-up
  • USB interface for rapid commissioning without bus link
  • BIS Cockpit: Read/write head configurable independent of interface with PC-based software tool
  • UHF Configuration Tool (UHF Manager) for convenient setting of all parameters needed for operation

UHF read/write heads with integrated processor unit (860/960 MHz)

  • UHF read/write heads with IO-Link interface for connection to BNI master blocks
  • Simple and fast commissioning via IO-Link interface
  • Variants for frequency ranges: EU (865...868 MHz), US (902...928 MHz), CH (920.5...924.5 MHz)
  • Reliable use in harsh environments due to robust housing with protection class up to IP69k
  • Status displays directly on the reader housing: easy commissioning and minimal downtime

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