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Color sensors

Photoelectric sensors

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Simplify and accelerate your automated processes with the versatile BFS color sensors from Balluff. Use for recognizing color nuances in textiles, on painted sheets, as well as colored markings on packaging or labels. Whether TrueColor or RGB, our color sensors sort out reject parts and ensure uniformly high product quality. In this manner, they contribute to a reliable production process.

Balluff's TrueColor sensors see like the human eye with a higher resolution. They differentiate between subtle color nuances and evaluate the quality of the finished pieces. In addition, they test with a precision that is unaffected by human failings. Always objective and absolutely incorruptible.

RGB color sensors detect and distinguish between different colors by measuring the intensity of red, green and blue light components. The fact that they perform multiple color measurements per second is a major advantage in applications where rapid color changes or objects of different colors in succession need to be detected.


  • High switching frequency
  • With or without display
  • Robust and industrial grade
  • Variants in small housing for space-saving installation
  • Depending on type, large operating ranges of up to 400 mm thanks to a strong white light
  • Optionally with IO-Link interface for simple parameterization
  • Differentiation between any number of objects
  • Very high color resolution
  • Application-specific parameterization


5 Results

Order code Description Interface Connection Series Range max. Light type


BFS 26K-PS-L01-S115
PNP Connector, M12x1-Male, 8-pin 26K 32 mm White light


BFS 26K-PS-L02-S115-C
PNP Connector, M12x1-Male, 8-pin 26K 30 mm White light


BFS 33M-GSS-F01-PU-02
PNP/NPN Cable, 2.00 m, PUR 33M White light


BFS 33M-GSI-F01-S75
IO-Link Connector, M8x1-Male, 4-pin 33M White light


BFS 26K-PS-L03-S115-C
PNP Connector, M12x1-Male, 8-pin 26K 22 mm White light

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