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Embedded PCI Express cameras

Embedded vision

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2 versions

Discover Balluff's embedded PCI Express cameras, designed for optimal integration into your embedded solution.

The platform-independent PCI Express interface ensures high transfer rates. Thanks to DMA (Direct Memory Access), image data is played directly and almost latency-free into the memory. This makes the cameras suitable not only for applications that require particularly high performance, but also for confined environments.

The cameras are equipped with the latest Sony Pregius and Pregius S sensors with global shutter, which offer high image quality with small pixel size and fast transfer rates.

The software supports various processor architectures based on NVIDIA, ARM and x86. Switching between different hardware platforms is also straightforward, as the GenICam GenTL Producer ensures seamless compatibility with existing software. Adapter boards or plug-in cards are available for the respective computer platforms.

Features and benefits

  • High net data rate of up to 1600 MB/s
  • Excellent image quality due to high quality sensors up to 24.6 megapixels
  • Latency-free transfer of image data
  • Independent of host software thanks to standard interface
  • Support of NVIDIA, ARM and x86 processor architectures

2 versions

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BVS CA-BN - Standard

BVS CA-BN - Standard
Aluminium, Anodized


Aluminium, Anodized

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