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BOB - Balluff on Board

Invite BOB to your workplace!

Our demo bus, known as BOB (Balluff on Board), is embarking on another UK tour. Now you can invite us to your company and take advantage of the unique opportunity of completely free training on industrial automation solutions. Your team will be able to see and test our technologies and learn more about topics such as:

  • IO-Link 

    • IO-Link sensors how to use process and service data.  

    • Conduct effective diagnostics and reduce wiring 

    • Profinet network modules 

    • IO-Link Wireless what is it and what benefits does it bring 

    • IO-Link Safety

  • Condition Monitoring

  • Predictive Maintenance 

  • Smart Re-ordering Systems 

  • Process visualization system with SmartLight

  • RFID systems – implementing LF, HF and UHF for excellent process transparency

  • Industry applications using a wide range of products such as photoelectric, inductive, measuring and many other sensors, as well as process technology for recording pressure, flow and temperature.

Our team of experts are here to help, we will conduct demonstrations and answer your product and applications questions.  We encourage you to bring your applications to us on the day! 

How to invite BOB – the demo bus to your company?

Just fill out the form below, we will come back to you with a date(s) when our experts can visit your company with BOB.

BOB, although filled to the brim with technologies, is very compact, so it will fit in any company carpark.