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Energy Production

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Energy Production

Climate change, demographic trends and the limited availability of fossil fuels all demand new, innovative solutions from the energy sector. Whether offshore wind farms or solar energy plants in the desert, the distribution of power generation to a large number of individual systems and the immediate influence of extreme environmental factors place stringent requirements on the quality of the components used.

Balluff delivers significant contribution to all the areas of energy: we provide you with reliable solutions for oil and gas extraction, for conventional energy production, as well as for harnessing the renewables, including wind, sun and water. Every single component stands out with ruggedness and quality.

With us you get a global network of technical advice, sales, after-sales service, and fast supply of spare parts. We also work together with systems builders and suppliers of sub-systems. This guarantees you optimal solutions.

Wind Power: High-tech power plants with high efficiency

Modern wind power systems deliver extremely high efficiency. For example, today's plants produce approximately 20 times more electricity than plants 20 years ago – and at lower cost. Still, wind farms are a large investment that requires high availability of the parts. This can be achieved only if all components are extremely reliable and feature fail-safe performance. To this end, Balluff has long been working closely together with leading manufacturers. We offer you industry-specific know-how and ensure the highest level of quality – for both onshore and offshore facilities.

Solar Power Plants: The sun can provide more energy than the world needs

Solar-thermal power plants can today deliver power outputs of 100 megawatts or more. To generate this energy, many thousands of mirrors need to be aligned precisely and continuously with the sun. This requires exceptionally precise sensors which can also withstand the extreme environmental conditions found, for example, in desert regions. We have developed measurement systems that allow you to reliably detect these movements and realize efficient plants.

Hydroelectric: Indispensable in the mix of renewable energy sources

Hydroelectric power is indispensable among renewable energies these days and still harbors plenty of untapped potential. To reliably operate the enormous hydroelectric plants you need dependable, extremely precise working control and regulating systems.

Balluff helps you with high-precision solutions using sensors and linear measurement systems.

Conventional Power Plants: Energy providers that are still important

Efficient and environmentally friendly combustion processes in conventional power plants require turbines and generators that can be controlled with great accuracy, for example in peak power stations. At the same time, the efficiency needs to be continually increased while ensuring availability. Your demands on the technology are extremely high here, and with good reason. By using extremely precise solutions from Balluff which were developed just for such applications, you can easily meet these demands.

Oil and Gas Extraction: Stay competitive with fossil energy sources

Oil and gas still make a critical contribution to the generation of energy, however other technologies have entered the public and political consciousness. For example Power-to-X technologies, whereby synthetic gases or fuels can be produced from renewable energy using electrolysis of hydrogen and downstream process steps (methanation). These fuels can be used where high energy density is required but proven components from plant construction (e.g. valves and compressors) are needed.

Balluff supports you with rugged, precise and low-maintenance sensors. Explosion protection with numerous international approvals go without saying.

Our Special Strengths: High precision and communications expertise

At Balluff you get innovative concepts for ideal implementation of your individual requirements for producing energy. To this end, we offer you a wide and versatile range of solutions. In addition we have HALT tested the individual components during development, so that you benefit from their especially impressive robustness and durability: in wind or waves, under strong sunlight or in explosion hazard areas.

Our solutions use highly reliable connectivity and mature networking technology which meets the high requirements of the energy industry with no compromises. This contributes to protecting your systems and control technology from failure. And with IO-Link you benefit from the communications expertise that you can use as well for future demands. Because with IO-Link you create an infrastructure for reliably managing the increasing volume of data. From the data you can obtain additional information and use it in a fast and flexible process, making you ready and able to respond in the future.

Regulating and Controlling: Each individual component makes its contribution

When we talk about the reliability of plant and control engineering, we often think first of the quality of the large components. Frequently, however, it is the less-noticed components in the background that are responsible for interruptions or even failures primarily the power supply, with implications for all system components. Yet cables and electrical connections also play an important role.

After all, they transmit the sensor signals and report position and pressure as well as other parameters to the controller. With Balluff you enjoy reliable quality. We help you to operate your plant at the highest level of reliability.


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