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Controlling material flow (Tunnels)

Controlling material flow (Tunnels)

The tunnel system from Balluff, developed especially for rugged industrial automation, enables fast identification of a large number of objects individually or in bulk. We equip all goods with a transponder, so that they can be read within the detection range of the RFID antennas as they pass through the tunnel. This way, the information about the correct material, the location and the time arrives directly at your host IT system.

To ensure that you profit from a solution custom tailored to your requirements, the transport protocol (SOAP, REST API, ...) is implemented specifically for your warehouse management system (WMS) or your enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or for your quality assurance system.


  • Individual 360° IIoT solutions
  • Can also be integrated into existing material handling systems
  • Saves time through automatic goods detection


  • Industry brochure intralogistics

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