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Magnetic field sensors

Contactless and reliable position feedback

Magnetic field sensors

Magnetic field sensors are used chiefly for punctual or continuous monitoring of the piston position on cylinders and grippers. The sensor thus recognizes the field of the magnet integrated into the piston through the actuator wall.

With their contactless position detection, Balluff's magnetic field sensors function reliably and wear free: No contact erosion, no bounce and only clean measurement. Even at high movement speeds, the piston position is reliably recognized.

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To the application

Cylinder sensors for multiple slot shapes

  • For grippers, pneumatic cylinders, round cylinders and tie rod cylinders
  • Reliable switching behavior due to precise switching point
  • Non-contacting and thus free from wear
  • Secure mounting and quick installation

Single-connector version with two BMF magnetic field sensors

  • Tie rod diameter of up to 17 mm
  • Reliable switching behavior thanks to precise switchpoints
  • Non-contacting and thus free from wear
  • Impervious to contamination
  • Mounts quickly

Tubular magnetic field sensors

  • Small, extremely compact designs and very high switching distances
  • Sensors with a diameter of 6.5 mm can detect a position up to 90 mm away
  • Suitable for industrial use and insensitive to dirt
  • Detects positions even through containers or pipes
  • Detection of magnets with different polarization is also possible

Magnetic field sensors with adjustable switchpoints

  • Non-contacting, therefore free from wear
  • Individual setup of the switchpoints without tools
  • Applicable for cylinders and grippers with radial or axial magnetic polarization
  • Remote teaching of up to eight switchpoints via IO-Link
  • Adjustable hysteresis for each individual switchpoint
  • Extremely large 60 mm travel path
  • Universally applicable bracket for the teach-in module available
  • Status indication via multiple colored LEDs
  • Captive switchpoints even during power outage
  • Special brackets are available for other slot shapes (e.g. round slot)

Magnetic field positioning systems

  • Modular concept for flexibility: Covers a variety of cylinders over a stroke of up to 256 mm
  • High connectivity: Continuous monitoring of the piston position in the smallest spaces using analog voltage and current output as well as an IO-Link interface
  • Reliable results: Application-specific linearity and repeat accuracy, parameterizable
  • High process security: Low temperature drift and very good electromagnetic compatibility
  • Comprehensive transparency: With signal output via IO-Link, format changes, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance are supported with data
  • High integration: The sensors are compatible with both radially and axially aligned magnets

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