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Indicators and signalling devices for the reliable display of information and statuses of your machines and systems

Digitalisation has long since arrived in industrial production. In order to always be up to date, it is important to be able to rely on automated processes. With our signalling and display devices, you know at all times what the status of production is. They reliably visualise the status of the machine and system components to be monitored by converting the output signals of the sensors optically and acoustically. For example, a display device such as our SmartLight can be used to monitor the temperature at defined points on your machine or system. If the temperature exceeds a critical level for your machine, this is immediately indicated by the predefined optical warning signal. If the temperature continues to rise, this can also be signalled visually via the indicator.

Function of the signaling devices and indicators for industry

You can read the operating status of your machine or system at a glance on our displays and the LED signal indicators SmartLight. This is because they visualise physical variables and states. The advantage here is fast, unambiguous and clear signalling, even from a distance. In particular, critical measured variables and characteristic values are always reliably in view for your safety - without having to filter and process countless other pieces of information.

The most important advantages of the signalling units and indicators

  • Simple operation, high safety and reliability
  • Reliable monitoring of your machines and systems
  • Industry-compatible designs and mounting concepts
  • Standardised connection to company network environment
  • Display unit and signaling unit is Industry 4.0-capable with IO-Link

SmartLight – LED stack lights

  • Versatile: Segment or stack light, level indication or bar graph, run light, and flexible modes can be configured
  • Adaptable to your application: Multi-color, bright LEDs with a broad color spectrum – individually definable
  • Highly flexible: Can be changed on-the-fly, with no mechanical reconfiguration necessary
  • Ready for Industry 4.0 with IO-Link
  • Simple to install

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