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Smart Reordering System


Available in:

2 versions

With the Smart Reordering System you have the possibility to manage your material flow digitally. This eliminates all the disadvantages of manual inventory management, which include high buffer stocks in production logistics, high costs and high space requirements. The system continuously records your stock levels, and all of the inventories can be viewed graphically on a clear dashboard. This reduces replenishment times and empty runs.

With the Smart Reordering System, you can automate your inventory management. You manage all your stock levels automatically and according to your requirements. And you can configure your system easily.

Special features

  • Operate as an automatic kanban system or to supplement existing systems
  • Uses a battery-operated optical radio sensor, easy to install and set up
  • Demand notifications enable optimized provisioning cycles
  • Can connect to ERP and merchandise management systems

2 Results

Order code Order Code Description

BSG SRS - Smart Reordering System

BSG SRS - Smart Reordering System
System for simple and automatic monitoring of stock levels.
The wireless communication between sensor and gateway allows a quick installation for almost any application and
the cloud software enables location-independent inventory management.

BAI SRS - Smart reordering (Softwarelicence)

BAI SRS - Smart reordering (Softwarelicence)
Extension of the existing software license to be able to use additional sensors beyond the current scope of the license (without hardware)