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Digital position indicators

Next generation digital position indicator for guided format changes: Intuitive, washdown-capable, and with extended IO-Link functionality.

Digital position indicators

The digital position indicator from Balluff sets new standards in the area of intuitive and clear operator guidance. The digital indicator is washdown-capable and has a variety of internal sensors with extended IO-Link functionality. There are therefore virtually no limits to the range of applications for the digital indicator: from classic machine tools and automation technology to heavy-duty use in the food & beverage sector, you can quickly and reliably handle a wide variety of products with ever-shrinking batch sizes. Our position indicator increase your flexibility and the availability of your machines by enabling simple and safe semi-automated format change.

Digital Position Indicators

  • Extended IO-Link functionality: part of the Smart Automation Monitoring System (SAMS)
  • Smart features such as internal temperature and humidity monitoring

Intuitive as never before: digital indicator reduces productivity loss to a minimum

Together with the machine controller, the digital position indicator from Balluff (BDG DA160) forms an intuitive and modern positioning system for your machines and systems. The BDG DA160 is an absolute digital position indicator with integrated IO-Link interface and a hollow shaft for direct shaft mounting. Depending on your requirements and application, you can choose between versions with or without numerical display of the position. Our position indicators can be installed directly in new systems or retrofitted in existing machines. A magnetically encoded measuring system is used for measurement, with which the position is recorded over several revolutions of the spindle. A built-in battery guarantees data acquisition even without an external power supply and the values are retained even in the event of a power failure.
This groundbreaking intuitive operator guidance lets you quickly and safely set the format and increase efficiency by reducing downtimes and failures.

Designed for the user: user guidance that deserves its name

The digital guide was developed from the ground up with the user in mind. Application studies have shown that other displays are often not intuitive enough and, as a result, errors occur easily and too frequently when operating the machines. That's why Balluff has completely redesigned the operator guidance of position displays from the ground up with the goal of reducing errors to an absolute minimum. With this objective in mind, the digital position indicators were developed with a consistent operating, configuration and diagnostic concept. The user guidance of the completely new displays sets standards. When turning the spindle, the user is guided in detail by a running light and can check the actual and target values on the digital display. Format changes are thus faster and safer, and start-up time and machine downtimes are significantly reduced.

Our most advanced position indicator: enhanced IO-Link functionality as part of the Smart Automation and Monitoring System

Balluff stands for a comprehensive automation philosophy. That is why we have developed the Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS): The system includes a variety of additional functions for the individual components and additional condition monitoring information and is characterized by its uniform and standardized operating, configuration and diagnostic concept. The digital position indicator from Balluff therefore has a large number of sophisticated sensors in the product. The data and analysis values of the internal sensors are available to the system via IO-Link. Condition Monitoring ensures that the internal sensors warn you in sufficient time in the event of suspicious values so that failures of your systems can be avoided or reduced to an absolute minimum. There are hardly any limits to the area of application, from lathes, milling machines or drilling machines to the processing and packaging of food and beverages.

Ready for the food & beverage sector: Reliable and safe thanks to washdown design and condition monitoring

Our digital position indicator has a robust housing in washdown design, is maintenance-free and even exceeds protection class IP69K. It offers very high reliability even under difficult operating conditions. These guides are therefore ideally suited for the high technical requirements and demanding environmental conditions that are particularly prevalent in the packaging, food and beverage, and cosmetics industries. The integrated condition monitoring sensors monitor the functionality and reliability of the sensor and can warn, for example, of moisture penetration and a possible consequential loss of productivity. In this way, unplanned downtimes due to the otherwise necessary cleaning cycles of the systems are reduced to a minimum.

Key features and benefits of the digital position indicator from Balluff:

  • Easy to use, thanks to intuitive operator guidance
  • Format changes succeed quickly and reliably, which avoids errors and thus start-up time, machine downtime and the downtime of your machines
  • Fast and safe format setting
  • High efficiency thanks to standardized data profiles
  • Position values are not lost in the event of a power failure
  • Washdown design enables use without additional protective measures
  • Part of the Smart Automation Monitoring System (SAMS) with extended IO-Link functionalities
  • Internal diagnostics through temperature, vibration and humidity monitoring (condition monitoring)
  • High reliability even in demanding environmental conditions
  • Exceeds protection class IP69K
  • UL and CE approval
  • Maintenance-free

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