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BIS L Industrial RFID system

The answer for easy identification tasks

BIS L Industrial RFID system

Our low-frequency RFID system (BIS L) is suitable for applications that involve simple "license plate" identification.

For example, often only a (read-only) code is required for backtracing. The 125-kHz system is capable of reading data up to 100 mm away and performs well in an environment of liquid and metal.

Key benefits

  • Memory of the data carrier limited to 192 bytes
  • For the transmission of small volumes of data
  • Well-structured product range of data carriers
  • For use in less harsh environmental conditions
  • Unique ID with 5 bytes, read-only
  • Read-only data carriers available (protection against manipulation)

LF data carriers (125 kHz)

  • Round data carriers available in different sizes: 12.4 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, and 50 mm
  • Chemically resistant glass data carriers in 13 mm × 3 mm
  • Data carrier read only (3 or 5 bytes) or read/write with 192 bytes
  • Assembly options: adhesive or screws
  • Two variants of the read-only data carrier available: With a fixed 5-byte one-time "Unique ID" or with programming of 3 bytes of individual data according to customer specification

LF read/write heads and antennas (125 kHz)

  • Robust housing in protection type IP67 ensures reliable use in a raw environment
  • Range depends on the combination of read/write head and data carrier that is used (see data sheet for the respective read/write head)
  • Connection via M12 plug connectors, cable length 50 m
  • Flat design available

LF processor units (125 kHz)

  • Perfect EMC due to the robust zinc die-cast housing
  • All connections are easily accessible from the front
  • Variable mounting concept for easy assembly on top hat rails or on the profile
  • LCD display and pushbuttons for simple commissioning
  • Each read/write head signals its operating state via two LEDs directly on the processor unit
  • Integrated IO-Link master port for the connection of IO-Link-capable sensors and actuators
  • Web server for convenient remote condition monitoring
  • Function components of many common controller manufacturers for fast use
  • Integrated 2-port Ethernet switch for line and ring topology
  • Small and compact (172 × 48 × 62 mm)
  • USB interface for rapid commissioning without bus link
  • BIS Cockpit: Read/write head configurable independent of interface with PC-based software tool
  • Power supply via robust 7/8" plug for harsh industrial environments

LF read/write heads (125 kHz) with integrated processor unit

  • Available interfaces: Parallel and serial (RS232, RS422)
  • Additional processor unit eliminated
  • Status displays directly on the housing of the reader facilitate the commissioning and minimize down times

LF data couplers (125 kHz)

  • Maintenance-free transmission without mechanical wear
  • Fast and secure signal transmission
  • Various cable lengths: 1 m, 2 m and 5 m

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