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Mechanical protection

Extending the life of product performance in harsh industrial conditions

Mechanical protection

Balluff protection hardware accommodates a wide variety of applications, impact, cleaning or debris. These accessories are geared towards extending the life of automation products performance in harsh industrial conditions involving chemical attack, debris accumulation, shock/vibration/impact, and high temperatures.

When working in different kinds of environments, it is important to take a muli-angle approach to designing the application. In existing installations, it is essential to consider all the reasons for failures before determining a solution.

When determining how much protection is needed, you still have to consider these typical questions: what is being exposed and why is the current installation failing.

Other common questions to consider are:

  • What available space do I have?
  • Is there physical contact damage?
  • Can I change the tooling in any way?

Balluff offers one of the widest varieties of accessories specifically designed for harsh environments.

Protective tubes for cables

  • Long-lasting and economical
  • Easy to install
  • Different diameters
  • Customizable

Plunger probe solutions

  • Reliable and long service life, even in dirty environments
  • Sensor is easily replaced for cleaning and maintenance
  • Precise switching point
  • Variety of sizes and shapes for versatility
  • Accessories available for the threaded version: Flat attachment, M4, M6, M8, M10

Protective caps and port covers

  • Robust materials and construction, protection class up to IP69K
  • Can be integrated economically and compactly into any system
  • Metal and plastic versions, also with PTFE coating

Protective housing

  • Sturdy, thanks to quality materials, durable surfaces, and strong design
  • Can be integrated economically and reliably in any system
  • Resistant to high temperatures, chemicals, and mechanical influences

Sabotage protection

  • Standard industry solutions for protection against misadjustment and sabotage
  • Easy and economical to integrate into any system
  • Made of high quality materials and customized