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Machine accessories and sensor mounting

With our accessories you succeed in easy mounting, installation and exact positioning of our sensor technology, RFID systems, cameras as well as signalling and display devices for high machine availability. Our large selection of high-quality accessories supports you in the optimal mounting of hardware in machines and systems. The wide Balluff product range offers the optimal equipment in various designs, for almost all applications.

We not only offer accessories for precise sensor mounting, but also a wide range of machine accessories, such as protective housings or accessories for lighting, to optimally illuminate your machines, making it easier to use certain sensors and systems. The extensive portfolio of accessories is optimally matched to each version of our components and thus simplifies the design and installation of your machines and systems as well as your production processes. In addition to a wide range of reflectors and fibers for optical systems, we also offer signal converters and adapters to transport signals efficiently.

We will be happy to advise you on the optimal selection and combination of your accessories.

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