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Network blocks

For the highest performance

Network blocks

Ever faster, more flexible, more efficient and variable production demands seamless communication from the sensor to the Internet. The result is a growing amount of data within the production processes. This demands components which can make this information available. At the same time an infrastructure is required which transports the data across all levels.

Network blocks for Profinet

  • Installation freedom, simple wiring, consistent diagnostics and central configuration through a connection with IO-Link

Network blocks for Profibus

  • Consistent diagnostics: no system failure
  • Central parameter setting: systems quickly go back to being operational
  • Time and cost savings
  • Facilitated plant expansion and investment security through IEC 61158/EN 50170 standardization

Network blocks for CC-Link IE-Field

  • Protection class IP67
  • Fully potted housing
  • Display, LEDs and integrated SLMP access (Seamless Message Protocol) for diagnostics and configuration

Network blocks for CC-Link

  • For harsh environments: Fully potted, robust housing
  • Powerful diagnostics clearly identify problem areas
  • Constant data throughput, even when processing large data volumes
  • Reliable real-time control
  • Controls are programmable via a network
  • Network stations can be switched on and off during operation
  • Network stations can be restored automatically

Network blocks for Ethernet/IP

  • Time and cost savings: Fast installation and simple integration into existing networks
  • Easy module replacement through an innovative address plug

Network blocks for Devicenet

  • Simple installation, fast integration and modification
  • Independent of the controller manufacturer

Network blocks for EtherCAT

  • Supports up to 65,535 nodes at a distance of up to 100 m
  • International standard since 2007

Network Modules for CC-Link IE/Field Basic

  • Addition of CC-Link IE compatibility to 100 Mbps Ethernet devices
  • Support of SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol)
  • Flexible use of data areas by controlling two to five stations
  • Convenient diagnostic options through 24 LEDs for port and module status
  • For harsh environments: robust IP67 metal housing