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Technisches Glossar

Absolute pressure Pressure relative to a vacuum (zero pressure). Values of absolute pressure are always positive.
Absolute value In a magnetic coded measuring system, each position or measurement section is coded to an absolute analog value or digital signal. The measured value for the current position is available as soon as the device is powered up, so a reference run is not required.

Indicates how much the actual characteristic can deviate from the ideal characteristic (according to IEC 60770 non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability). Accuracy specifications represent a percentage value of the measurement range (FSO) and never include dimensions. Nominal pressure 50 bar, output 4...20 mA, accuracy 0.5 % results in a maximum deviation of 0.08 mA (equivalent to a pressure value of 0.25 bar).

AIDA Automation Initiative of German Automobile Manufacturers
Air interface

The air gap between the data carrier and read or read/write head through which data and energy are transmitted.