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Reliable wafer mapping

Reliably detect loading errors in the FOUP

Reliable wafer mapping

In semiconductor production, transport between different processing steps takes place in special cassettes or Front Opening Unified Pods (FOUPS). They help keep the risk of breakage as low as possible. Wafer mapping is crucial in this step to detect potential loading errors and prevent the risk of breakage.

For wafer mapping, an optical sensor is integrated into the end effector, which is located at the end of the robot arm and is usually a type of fork-shaped gripper. During wafer mapping, the end effector protrudes just far enough into the FOUP that the individual wafers interrupt the sensor's light beam.

As the end effector moves down the FOUP from top to bottom, the control system can count how many wafers are present and whether they have been inserted correctly. As the gap between the wafers stacked in the FOUP is only a few millimeters thin, the entire end effector must be just as thin. This in turn requires the sensor for wafer mapping at the end of the end effector to be as thin and light as possible.

We have developed a perfectly suitable wafer mapping sensor especially for this application - the optical sensor head BOH00EZ with a thickness of only 1.5 mm and a reliable switching distance of up to 800 mm. The extremely controlled and focused light spot of our optical sensor heads with MicroSPOT technology offers you outstanding precision. They ensure that full slots, double wafers or crooked wafers are reliably detected at all times. Thanks to flexible cables and very small designs, you can enjoy maximum design freedom.

“The standard does not quite fit to your requirements? In addition to our comprehensive standard portfolio, we also offer customized solutions. Contact us to discuss your requirements.”

(Benjamin Renz, Global Market Segment Manager, Semiconductors & Electronics)


  • Outstanding precision in the tightest of spaces - minimal opening angle
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of end effectors
  • Modular system - perfect for specific mechanical installation situations

Products for reliable wafer mapping

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  • Customer specific design – customized solutions that precisely meet your requirements
  • Mapping Sensor – delivering precision in the smallest possible space

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