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Reliably identify headrests

Reliably identify headrests

UHF labels are being integrated into the headrests during assembly. This makes it possible to automatically check whether the correct headrest is used for the respective car seat. Our short-range reader BIS VU-320 with a typical reading range of 1 meter is perfectly suited for this purpose. This robust, compact read/write head ensures clear allocation as it does not detect neighboring headrests.

The UHF reader is equipped with an integrated power-scan function that automatically adapts to the UHF data carrier to be detected. This ensures the optimum configuration in every application, directly on the device at the push of a button and without time-consuming manual parameter setting.

The features

  • Quick commissioning with auto-setup at the touch of a button
  • Integrated power-scan function for optimum adaptation to the respective identification task
  • Visible function and status LEDs all around
  • Standard cables and accessories can be used


  • Industry brochure automotive
  • UHF Short-Range Read/Write Head BIS VU-320