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The flexible and smart condition monitor

The flexible and smart condition monitor

Unplanned downtimes and disruptions in the production process are annoying and costly. Our new multifunctional condition monitoring sensor BCM supports the efficient and trouble-free operation of your plant. It records physical parameters such as vibration or temperature, processes them, and supplies the desired data via IO-Link to a higher-level system.

Based on the condition data, errors are detected at an early stage and an alarm is triggered when predefined individual limit values are reached. Limit value monitoring allows you to use the sensor as a monitor so that only relevant data is communicated via the interface. This helps you avoid unnecessary data traffic. Thanks to sensor self-monitoring, the intelligent sensor also always informs you about its temperature, operating hours and start cycles.

The features

  • Multiple measured variables in one device: vibration, temperature, humidity, ambient pressure
  • Integrated evaluation electronics with configurable data pre-processing
  • Use the data to display events and status
  • Quick to connect and easy to integrate via IO-Link
  • Compact design
  • Limit values for pre- and main alarms can be defined to generate warning messages


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