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Environmental protection

Our actions are holistic and sustainable.

Environmental protection

Responsibility is the fundamental attitude of Balluff as a company. Our motto reflects this: We think and act today with tomorrow in mind. This is something we consistently implement – from the largest production facility to the smallest sales subsidiary.

Environmental protection is big priority for Balluff, all the way up to the management board. Backing by our managing directors is an important prerequisite for all, especially when encompassing environmental matters. It is important for us to focus on the needs of everyone concerned - customers, employees, cities and towns.

What we focus on


We consider our social commitment by carefully and consciously handling of resources. We strive to procure and use resources (materials, water, energy) efficiently and thus to minimize energy and water consumption as well as environmental emissions.

Continuous improvement

We are committed to continuously improve our environmental performance. We achieve this through environment related objectives, appropriate resource selection and progress monitoring. In the improvement process we analyze and correct deviations. As a result, we curb consistently and sustainably cause in order to conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

Environmental legislation

We are committed to comply with all environmental legislation and requirements that affect us. Whenever possible, in the implementation, we in part exceed the requirements.

Waste management

We are continually working to reducing waste. We sort and separate unavoidable waste so that the valuable raw materials can be reused. Non-recyclable waste is disposed of properly by our certified partners.

Raising the awareness of the employees

For conscious environmental and health behavior we encourage and motivate our employees regularly. Every employee knows the environmental issues associated with his or her activity and its environmental impact, so he or she can make a contribution to protecting the environment and continually improve environment performance. The environment is a common concern and requires a team effort from all of us.

Environmental objectives

We identify and evaluate our environmental aspects and systematically derive objectives and measures to minimize our environmental impact The whole Balluff Group contributes to environmental protection by setting environmental objectives at all of our locations.

Products in the environmental protection

Our mission is to develop, produce and distribute high-quality, long lasting and environmentally friendly products and thereby to make a positive contribution to the environment. We therefore take into consideration the environment during the development phase and consider environmental impact throughout the product life cycle. We strive to minimize the impact on the environment according to the technical and economic conditions and if necessary take corrective measures in a timely manner.

Some Balluff sensors are used directly in producing renewable energy (wind, hydroelectric, solar). For example they act as components in solar and wind facilities to help increase their efficiency and thereby reduce CO2 emissions and harmful substances.

Selected product examples:

Wind turbines
BTL magnetostrictive linear position sensors are especially developed for use in hydraulic cylinders in wind turbines. Using the systems pitch adjustment, the rotor blade angles can be adapted accurately to the wind speed to maximize power generation and ensure reliability.

Life expectancy of wind turbines
BSI inclination sensors help in extending the life expectancy of wind turbines: Particularly during strong gusts of wind, storms or a wind energy plant‘s start-up phase, any significant tilt of the tower can shorten the overall equipment lifetime. Inclination sensors from Balluff reliably measure the absolute inclination angle, preventing limit values from being exceeded and reducing the load on the system.

Hydroelectric plants

Butterfly valves in hydroelectric plants are used to reliably regulate the flow of water. BHS high-pressure rated inductive sensors from Balluff can be installed directly at the sealing edge to verify that the valve is fully closed.

Solar power plants
BML magnetic encoders work in solar power plants to ensure that all the parabolic troughs stay guided to the sun‘s path across the sky and that the receiver tubes are precisely focused so that the greatest possible efficiency is achieved.

Standard for environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 is the globally accepted and applied standard for environmental management systems. The standard was published in 1996 by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and last updated in 2015.

We made the decision as far back as 2000 to have our large production and development facilities certified step-by-step according to this environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001:

  • Balluff GmbH, Headquarters, Germany, in Neuhausen auf den Fildern (2000)

  • Balluff Elektronika KFT., Hungary in Veszprém (2002)

  • Balluff Sensors Co., Ltd., China in Chengdu (2009)

  • Balluff Controles Elétricos Ltda., Brazil in Vinhedo (2013)

This means two-thirds of all Balluff employees work in a location with a certified environmental management system. Certification lets us tackle environmental protection in a targeted and systematic manner. The environment as a concept has gained internal significance and become a key component of our corporate processes. Measures are also taken at all our other locations to limit impact on the environment.

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