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PCI Express

High transfer rates without detours

In many areas of image processing, especially for mobile devices and in the field of edge computing, embedded vision modules are an increasingly relevant component. In order to be able to offer a camera platform even for demanding applications, you will find camera modules at Balluff that are equipped with the cross-platform high-performance interface PCI Express.

The PCI Express standard was introduced in 2003 and regulates the connection of peripheral devices with the chipset of the mainboard. It is a point-to-point connection with up to 16 lanes per connection, whereby the more lanes, the greater the available bandwidth.

Thanks to guaranteed Direct Memory Access, i.e. the almost latency-free transfer of data directly into the memory, a large part of the gross bandwidth of 20 Gbit/s can be used. This makes the interface suitable for embedded vision applications with high resolutions, high frame rates and short distances between camera and evaluation unit.

The advantages

Cameras with PCIe interface offer various advantages. For example, a wide variety of processor architectures based on NVIDIA, ARM and x86 are supported by the included Impact Acquire SDK. The GenICam GenTL Producer ensures compatibility with existing developments and guarantees smooth switching between different hardware platforms. Customized connection boards can also be developed as required.

  • Availability
    PCI Express interfaces are included on every motherboard - and availability for embedded boards is growing steadily.

  • Modular construction kit
    The N4e modular kit allows a wide range of board cameras to be combined for different embedded boards.

  • Direct Memory Access (DMA)
    PCI Express ensures virtually latency-free transfer of data directly into memory.

  • Compatibility
    Different processor architectures are supported by the Impact Acquire SDK.

Our Products

Based on the N4e interface, we offer a flexible and modular interface concept with matching embedded vision building blocks. This means: You can individually assemble suitable components for your project, your installation situation and your computer connection from a wide range of possibilities.

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