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BVS-E Standard vision sensor

Smart Vision

Available in:

5 versions

With our BVS-E Standard Vision sensors, you control the quantity of your production process in a cost-conscious and precise manner. You can use a total of seven testing tools that can be employed independently of each other and simultaneously check multiple product features.

Up to 20 storable inspections can easily be activated via the PLC. In this way, production can be seamlessly continued, even with changing workpieces. The BVS-E Standard can easily handle any simple task in defect detection.


  • Cost savings through use of multi-tasking vision sensor
  • Early fault detection ensures 100 % quality
  • Simple changing of the inspection task for changing lots means high system availability
  • Optionally available with red or infrared light as a built-in light source


5 Results

Order code Price Operating Distance Focal length Light type Field of view Interface


BVS OI-3-005-E
1126.44 EUR 50...1000 mm 6.0 mm LED, red light 34 x 25 mm ... 676 x 507 mm Ethernet 10/100 Base T


BVS OI-3-103-E
1183.14 EUR 50...1000 mm 12.0 mm Infrared 16 x 12 mm ... 320 x 240 mm Ethernet 10/100 Base T


BVS OI-3-101-E
1183.14 EUR 50...1000 mm 8.0 mm Infrared 24 x 18 mm ... 480 x 360 mm Ethernet 10/100 Base T


BVS OI-3-003-E
1054.52 EUR 50...1000 mm 12.0 mm LED, red light 16 x 12 mm ... 320 x 240 mm Ethernet 10/100 Base T


BVS OI-3-105-E
1252.55 EUR 50...1000 mm 6.0 mm Infrared 34 x 25 mm ... 676 x 507 mm Ethernet 10/100 Base T

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