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Vision solutions with USB interface

High performance via plug-and-play

USB cameras transmit image data via cost-effective standard interfaces available on all computers. We offer cameras with USB 2.0 or USB3 vision interface - perfect for various machine vision applications, whether on a PC-based or even an embedded system.

USB 2.0 enables low-cost real-time applications with medium bandwidths at low CPU load, while USB 3 is particularly suitable for applications with high data volume, high resolution or high color depth in 24/7 operation and low cable length requirements.

The advantages

Cameras with USB interfaces offer a variety of advantages. Above all, the widespread use of USB interfaces brings many advantages. This is because common USB cables are usually sufficient even for high-performance industrial cameras.

  • Low price
    USB components are widespread and inexpensive - therefore the cameras are also correspondingly cheaper.

  • Available accessories
    Thanks to the widespread use of USB, a large portfolio of inexpensive accessories is also available.

  • Easy handling
    Commissioning of the camera does not require installation of special interface cards

The choice is yours: USB 2.0 or USB3 Vision

Our USB 2.0 industrial cameras are small, practical and cost-effective - and it's hard to imagine medical technology and microscopy without them. We offer a wide range of different designs for different applications: with or without housing, as board variant or single board, with or without digital connections.

The USB 2.0 interface is particularly suitable for cost-critical applications and a short distance between camera and evaluation unit. It supports a gross bandwidth of 480 MBit/s. Lengths of up to 8 m are possible with very good industrial cable quality, and up to 3.5 m with standard cable quality. Impact Acquire SDK is the unified driver for all our products.

But there is hardly any new PC hardware that is not equipped with USB 3. The advantages are obvious: The interface supports a gross bandwidth of 5000 Mbps. With a maximum cable length of 3.5 m, and up to 8 m with selected cable material, USB 3 is particularly suitable for applications with high resolutions, high frame rates and short distances between camera and evaluation unit.

However, optical cables can be used to increase the distance between camera and evaluation unit to up to 100 m - which is not even expensive, since USB 3 as a mass market offers a large, low-cost accessories portfolio.

The image processing standard USB3 Vision regulates the communication between image acquisition device and application via USB 3.0: It defines - like GigE Vision - a transport layer, which in turn regulates the finding of a device (Device Detection), the configuration (Register Access), the streaming of data (Streaming Data) and the handling of events (Event Handling). It also provides an interface to GenICam.

Like all major standards, USB3 Vision is defined "on-the-wire", with the well-known advantage of plug-and-play that components simply plug in and work.

Our products

Discover our cameras with USB interface.

All our cameras with USB interface are compliant with GenICam, GenTL (Producer) and USB3 Vision image processing standards.

We are actively shaping industrial image processing: We have always been at the forefront as a driving force in various standardization committees - including the USB3 Vision committee.

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