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Compact laser light band with IO-Link

Precisely determine size and position within a light array

When you need to know the location or size of an object, consider a Balluff laser light array. With a resolution of 0.01 mm, our laser light arrays do the work of a micrometer without contact. They can measure the size of up to six objects in the light field, enabling them to operate several work modes at once, including the following:

  • Object diameter

  • Object position

  • Gap width

  • Gap position

  • Edge position

They also offer additional modes such as counting and nominal/actual comparisons, which you can use simultaneously. If needed, you can blank an area, so objects in that part of the array don’t trigger the sensor. The built-in operating hours counter allows you to monitor processes and display maintenance intervals, an essential asset in IIoT-related improvements.

These laser light arrays assist with tasks such as precise position detection and object classification or part sorting by size or diameter. You can measure object height or gap dimensions, or monitor hole placement or size. Precisely detect the web edge of material like paper or cloth, including many transparent materials that are optically demanding. Or detect cable, wire, or threads as small as 0.3 mm.

Balluff offers two sizes of laser light array: 50 mm in the BLA0003 (rated IP65), and 16 mm in the new BLA0007 (rated IP67). In either model, you can configure the device parameters using IO-Link software over the network. These IO-Link devices communicate over standard, unshielded 4-wire cables, available from Balluff, as are mounting brackets that make it easy to position them exactly where they’re needed. All this makes Balluff’s laser light arrays a persuasive choice for complex, high-precision tasks.


  • Exact position detection

  • Simple size differentiation of diameters

  • Quality inspection gap dimensions

  • Precise edge detection