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Photoelectric sensors

Impressive specialist sensors that check for presence, shape, colour, distance and thickness

Optoelectronic sensors

Photoelectric sensors check presence, shape, colour, distance, and thickness - optimised for robotics, automation, assembly, and handling. They are real experts with various strengths: detecting and counting parts, monitoring stack heights, through-glass detection, aligning small parts, detecting marks, fill level detection, and much more!

The wide Balluff spectrum offers every light type, whether red light, infrared, blue light or laser technology, in different ranges. With and without background suppression. Various designs – also in mini version – ensure a wide variety of possible applications. Our photoelectric sensors are optimized for robotics, automation, installation and handling.


  • Part recognition and counting
  • Stack height monitoring
  • Detection through glass
  • Small parts detection
  • Brand recognition
  • Fill level detection and much more

Diffuse and through-beam sensors

  • With diffuse, through-beam and retro-reflective sensors

Diffuse sensors

  • Ideal for detecting contrast differences – dependent upon surface, color and material
  • Economical and easy to mount and align thanks to visible light beams
  • Shorter ranges as compared to retro-reflective and through-beam sensors
  • Mounting includes only one electrical device

Diffuse sensor with background suppression

  • Reliable object detection with various operating ranges, as well as independent of surface, color, and material
  • Detects objects against very similar backgrounds – even if they are very dark against a bright background
  • Almost constant scanning range even with different reflectance
  • Only one electrical device without reflectors or separate receivers
  • With red light or the laser red light that is ideally suited for detecting small parts
  • Variants with blue light for perfect detection of hard-to-see objects

Retroreflective sensors

  • Simple alignment thanks to generous mounting tolerances
  • Large reflectors for high ranges
  • Reliable detection – regardless of surface, color, and material
  • Also with a pole filter suitable for detecting shiny objects
  • Mounting includes only one electrical device plus reflector

Through-beam sensors

  • Ideal for positioning tasks thanks to excellent reproducibility
  • Extremely resistant to contamination and has a large functional reserve
  • Ideally suited for large operating ranges
  • Transmitter and receiver in separate housings

Fork sensors

  • Different light types (red light, infrared, laser)
  • Robust metal housing
  • Simple alignment to the object
  • High optical resolution and reproducibility
  • Fork widths from 5…220 mm with standardized mounting holes
  • Identical mechanical and optical axes
  • The transmitter and receiver are firmly aligned to each other, yielding high process reliability

Fork sensors plastic

  • Six different designs for flexible use
  • Cost-effective, robust solution for space-critical applications
  • Precise detection and high repeatability
  • Status indication with bright LEDs
  • All have slot width of 5 mm
  • Easy connection with 4-pin M8 standard plug, flat connector or cable
  • Switching frequency up to 3 kHz for fast processes

Angle sensors

  • Ideal for each application using various types of light (red light, infrared, laser)
  • Robust metal housing
  • Extremely flexible mounting thanks to its angled shape
  • High optical resolution and reproducibility
  • Identical mechanical and optical axes
  • High process reliability since the transmitter and receiver are firmly aligned to each other
  • No time-intensive adjustment
  • Large selection of different shapes and sizes

Optical windows

  • Uniformly high resolution over the whole area of the frame
  • Detection of small parts with a diameter of up to 0.8 mm
  • Robust metal housing with M8 standard plug connector
  • Adjustable sensitivity and output signal length
  • Dynamic and static variants
  • Modular construction kit with numerous frame sizes

Light grids

  • Different lengths available
  • Also suitable for large objects with a range of up to 2.1 m
  • Ideal for counting due to its quick reaction time
  • Robust metal housing
  • Invisible infrared light
  • Switching output (PNP) and analog output (0…10 V)
  • Simple connection, easily-assembled installation without additional equipment
  • Ready for immediate use – no parameterization necessary

Light bands

  • Robust metal housing for stable mounting and precise alignment
  • Light band with a width of 50 mm
  • Up to 2 m distance between transmitter and receiver
  • Excellent resolution from 0.01 mm
  • Two freely configured analog outputs
  • Three programmable digital outputs
  • Intelligent interference contour masking at the touch of a button
  • Simple, intuitive operation via a display with plain text display
  • Only one power supply for both sensors – saves on wiring effort, power supply units, and costs
  • Self-contained device – no additional accessories such as controller, PC, or software required

Color sensors

  • High switching frequency
  • With or without display
  • Robust and industrial grade
  • Variants in small housing for space-saving installation
  • Depending on type, large operating ranges of up to 400 mm thanks to a strong white light
  • Optionally with IO-Link interface for simple parameterization
  • Differentiation between any number of objects
  • Very high color resolution
  • Application-specific parameterization

Contrast sensors

  • Pinpoint accurate switching for fast processes with a high switching frequency of up to 30 kHz
  • Different light types (laser, red/green/blue or white light)
  • Large ranges with laser
  • Clearly visible light points for easy alignment
  • Pulse extensions
  • Outside Teach-in possible
  • Also available with analog output signal
  • Easily adjustable via the display (also available without)
  • Different model series for different applications

Luminescence sensors

  • UV light – no external lamp or light source required
  • Programmable with the touch of a button – without separate software
  • Robust, industrial-grade configurations

Fiber-based devices for plastic and glass fibers

  • Detection of low contrast differences
  • Very fast – up to 8 kHz
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Flexibly mountable, simple to install
  • Additional functions available (parameterizable)
  • Mechanically robust
  • Highly-accurate switching
  • With one-way or detecting principle
  • Straight or angled optics
  • Compact configuration for mounting on top-hat rails
  • With or without display
  • Different light types (red or infrared)
  • Also optionally available with analog output signal
  • Different model series for glass or plastic fibers

Plastic and glass fibers for fiber-based devices

  • High function reserve
  • High quality materials and precise machining
  • Homogeneous optical properties
  • Compact, flexible, and robust with various sheathing materials, lengths, and diameters
  • Teach in on the sensor via teach-in input or via the especially easy IO-Link
  • With diagnostics and condition monitoring functions upon request
  • Also available as user-configurable fibers

Micromote - optical sensor heads

  • Large selection of sensor heads with highest precision: Microspot, Nanospot, Laser, Infrared, classic red light LED
  • Amplifier for analogue, digital, dynamic (link to Micromote product family - amplifier for optical sensor heads) with display of set and actual values
  • Excellent technical characteristics
  • Optimal use in grippers

Micromote - Amplifier for optical sensor heads

  • combines an external evaluation unit (amplifier) with exceptionally small optoelectronic sensor heads (link to Micromote product family - optical sensor heads)
  • Suitable even for extremely confined spaces and moving machine elements

Photoelectric distance sensors

  • Ideal for distance measurements and distance monitoring of short, medium, and long measurement ranges
  • Additional switching outputs with adjustable switchpoints available for almost all products
  • Teach in on the sensor via teach-in input or button
  • Optionally with IO-Link interface for easy parameterization and additional functions