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Optical identification

Secure identification

Optical identification

Optical identification via 1D and 2D barcodes is a well established method of identifying components and objects and flawlessly managing systems and processes.

Balluff's range of products in this area includes stationary barcode readers, mobile handheld readers and accessories for standard and industrial grade applications. All devices offer scanning options for the standard 1D or 2D barcodes.

Key benefits

  • Reliable traceability of products in
  • Stellar via a global sales network
  • Simple startup

Application areas

  • When controlling supply processes (e.g. Kanban system), production control
  • Optical tool identification

Handheld-Code-Reader BVS HS-P

  • Reliable read confirmation via acoustic signal, 2 green LEDs and projection of a green LED spot on the code that has been read
  • Intuitive aiming system using a highly visible laser marking frame
  • Charge once – up to 30,000 read cycles using lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Work without fatigue thanks to low weight and ergonomic shape
  • High-Density versions read high-resolution codes (up to 2.5 mil for 1D) as well as large areas (up to A4)
  • Maximum read ranges up to 110 cm

Handheld-Code-Reader BVS HS-Q

  • Automatic adaptation to different read situations
  • Reliable read confirmation via a green LED and an acoustic signal as well as projection of a green LED spot on the code that has been read
  • Intuitive aiming system with highly visible blue LED marking

Code-Reader BVS E Identification

  • Simple, self-explanatory operation
  • Simultaneously and securely read multiple codes
  • Easy linking to PLC via RS232 and Ethernet interface
  • Compact configuration
  • Different optics available
  • Optionally available with built-in red or infrared light source