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Reflectors, fibers and optics

High-quality accessories system for optical applications

Reflectors, fibers and optics

Balluff offers a wide variety of high quality accessories for photoelectric sensors. These accessories will provide the maximum ranges and the highest performance for the appropriate Balluff photoelectric sensor.

Balluff offers a number of choices when it comes to fiber optic solutions whether the application requires standard plastic fiber optic cables and rugged duty glass cables.

Balluff offers a wide range of prismatic reflectors and reflective tape. These reflectors have the efficiency ratings to provide the maximum sensing range.

The most important benefits

  • High quality and flexible
  • Easy assembly
  • Compatibility

Plastic fibers

  • Designed and tested for Balluff optical fiber devices BFB 6K, 18KF, 73K and 75K
  • Various lengths and diameters
  • Crush-resistant and oil-resistant
  • High excess gain
  • Precise machining and homogeneous optical properties
  • Coaxial fiber arrangement as an option
  • User-fabricated plastic fiber optics available

Glass fibers

  • Designed and tested for Balluff BFB M18M-… and BOS 30M-…
  • Various casing materials, such as polyurethane, corrugated metal tubing and silicone
  • Various lengths and diameters
  • Crush-resistant and oil-resistant
  • High excess gain
  • High quality materials and precise machining
  • Homogeneous optical properties

Reflectors and reflective foils

  • Precise and robust
  • Easy attachment using adhesives or screws
  • Various designs
  • High-quality materials
  • Homogeneous optical properties

Optics: Diaphragms, filters, lenses, deflectors

  • Designed and tested for Balluff sensors
  • Various lengths and diameters with different focus
  • Precise and homogeneous optical properties
  • High-quality materials and exact processing